Nice Deck, Dick

Best Advertising Campaign

HW BBA Badge19 Platinum Bare’s “Nice deck, Dick” campaign won PLATINUM for Best Advertising Campaign in Hanley Wood’s 2019 Brand Builder Awards.

The Brand Builder Awards recognize the most innovative and effective marketing campaigns throughout the residential and commercial design and construction industries. Companies selected for recognition have executed campaigns that generate sales, motivate buying behavior and inspire customer loyalty. Companies submitted entries in seven categories, ranging from advertising campaigns to website design to best use of data driven marketing programs.

Campaign Strategy

The “Nice deck, Dick” campaign was designed to leverage the single most compelling reason for choosing Real Cedar: its natural beauty. TV was chosen as the primary medium based on a 2017 TV Ad Effectiveness study in which testing was done on unaided recall of four 2016 Real Cedar TV ads; 83% of respondents surveyed said the ads made them more aware of Western Red Cedar as a decking option.

Furthermore, consumer research (Opinion Research: Western Red Cedar Usage, baseline data 2014; current data 2017, Strategic Growth Insights), also showed that in regions where the WRCLA had been actively conducting Real Cedar promotions, awareness of WRC was higher; perception of WRC was improved, and that consumers who were very familiar with the product were 15 times more likely to consider it, and 7 times more likely to purchase it.

Knowing TV would be an effective choice to grow awareness, the next step was to determine how to best utilize the budget to reach the target audience. Rather than run the campaign regionally in US markets, the decision was made to plan media on one national network: ESPN. ESPN reaches an impressive 59.7% of the WRCLA target audience. ESPN was also selected for the fact that cable television viewership is shifting towards streaming and on-demand services like Netflix and HULU, with the exception of sports and news shows.

The 30-second TV spot was planned to run at the beginning of the building and renovation season (usually starting early to mid-March) to build awareness for WRC products during the planning stage of a project or renovation.

The campaign also ran on social media channels YouTube, Facebook and Instagram to geo-targeted audiences in key markets where WRC volumes are greatest and the likelihood of a renovation or repair project is highest; to those who had visited the campaign destination,, and to potential consumers whose online activity (determined through Facebook tracking and data) demonstrated an interest in subjects including deck building, outdoor projects, outdoor additions, building materials, and deck building tools, among others.

At the time of posting this submission the ad has been viewed over 277,000 times as a stand- alone video on YouTube alone, and 345,279 times as an ad on social media. Viewer comments about the ad on YouTube included:

Nice deck, Dick. Thanks Dirk. Down Duke. Don’t despair, Dirk. LOL. This ad just cracks me up!”,

Who else has watched this a solid ten times?”,

“I love seein’ a good ad!”