What We Do



We learn who your audience is and what they need to know to make a purchase decision or take action.



We create the work that delivers your message or tells your story.



We get your message out there and then we stay hard at work tracking, measuring and analyzing the results.

How we can help you


Branding & Identity

We follow a thorough process to determine and express the core essence and compelling characteristics of a brand.

Design & Art Direction

We are experienced in both creating and developing the look and feel of a new brand, as well as maintaining existing brand aesthetics, both online and off.

Creative Development

We ensure the right combination of skills are working convergently to create the most compelling and persuasive work for our clients.

Video & Content Production

We create and produce intelligent, high quality content in video, 2D, and 3D animation for online and offline.


Bare has a strong background in copywriting and we work proficiently in print, outdoor, radio, tv, video, narration and online copy.


Site Development

We bring best-in-breed capabilities in design, usability and technology to develop the right site for your needs.


From design through development to support, we will create the right package and programs for you to compete in the online marketplace.

Web Application Development

We are well-versed in Java, Javascript, CSS and HTML5 as well as database management to create a smart solution to your web needs.

Mobile Marketing

Mobile and tablets are now the norm. We make sure whatever we develop for your brand connects with consumers on their handhelds.

Social Media

Social Media Strategy

Our approach is not to put you everywhere; our approach is to put you everywhere itmatters for your business. We create strategies to build engagement (including contests, promotions and rewards), monitor and measure results, and gain momentum to see a return on investment.

Facebook Application Development

Bare creates scalable Facebook applications for ongoing campaigns, contests and promotions.

Social Media Integration

We help brands create and participate in intelligent, measurable conversations.

Media Planning

Online Media

We are well-versed in digital media planning and buying, placing your message in front of the right audience at the right time. This is based on intelligent strategies with measureable metrics to optimize campaign performance across premium online networks.

Traditional Media

From broadcast to print and outdoor, Bare has experience in regional, national and US planning and buying.

Media Syndication

We are quite tenacious in areas including Matte Release and media outreach.

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