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Bissett Tools Summer Campaign

Great Canadian inventions.


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Bissett Fasteners needed a lighthearted, social media video campaign to launch in the week leading up to Canada Day. They wanted two short videos with a distinctly Canadian feel that felt appropriate for the time of year.



strategy & solution.


To meet the challenge, Bare came up with a selection of possible approaches, wrote scripts and produced storyboards to help the client visualize the different directions. All of the options were funny—in a goofy, Canadian way—to help convey the theme and to make them memorable.

Bare used well-known Canadian inventions and tied them to the Bissett brand by showing how poorly they work at the tasks that Bissett tools are designed for. The comparisons were ludicrous enough to show that Bissett doesn’t take themselves too seriously (a differentiator in this space) while also highlighting the tool and its function on a construction site.



It is rare to work with people who deeply understand your business needs and who you can trust with something as important as your brand image. I have worked with Bare for over 5 years now, and every time I start a new project with them I get excited. Not just because they always produce amazing work, but because they understand our brand and vision so well.

Bare matches my enthusiasm for every project we work on together, and they deliver results that hit the mark every time. For our summer video campaign, Bare helped us create a campaign all about great Canadian inventions to promote our Canadian tool program. The campaign was a new style of content for us and Bare provided guidance along the way that ensured the content would be the right fit for our audience. The videos were a hit, and we still have customers talking about how funny the videos were.

–Jane Carsky
Marketing Director


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