brand refresh / web development

Finch Media + Health Communications

A new website for a business with two unique sides.


/ branding & identity
/ web development
/ copywriting



Finch Media is a successful media agency based in Vancouver, that recently expanded their business into the health communications sector, Finch needed a website that clearly conveyed their expertise in the two sides of the company without confusing clients from either side. In order to complete the website, Finch needed a brand refresh to better articulate their personality and affirm their credibility.

strategy & solution.


Bare held a branding session with Finch Media to decide on logos, fonts and colors. A range of directions were presented so the client had some variety to choose from. These were revised and refined until a final brand identity was produced. The hero module of the website was designed to be animated in order to convey the two sides of the company, allowing individual home pages for Finch Media and Finch Health Communications, but also a shared home page.

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