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Pacific HemFir is beautiful, sustainable and strong. That’s why they call it wood that works.


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The producers of Western Hemlock and Amabilis fir in British Columbia collaborated and partnered to develop a strategic marketing and branding program to reposition hem-fir and elevate the perception of hem-fir products as a higher value species. Along with building the branding and identity, marketing outreach and social media activities, they needed a fast website that would allow users to find technical information and support from the hem-fir association of producers quickly and easily.

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The Pacific HemFir branding and identity was step one for the project, which included a positioning statement, logo and colour palette. Stakeholders and members were interviewed to ensure an understanding of their goals, obstacles in the way and how they wanted hem-fir to be perceived.  Once the Pacific HemFir brand had come to life visually and the website was complete, a multi-pronged marketing approach was launched to increase brand awareness.  An organic social media strategy was developed, a blog and newsletter were created, paid online advertising campaigns were executed, as well as print ad media and website updates and enhancements.  All of the elements of the Pacific HemFir program are designed to drive users to pacifichemfir.com, where visitors can find technical support, specific applications, case studies, resources and up-to-date materials.

Working with Bare is a seamless process. They have a diversified team that can offer solutions and creative ideas to projects that are both new and old. The team at Bare is professional and does whatever it takes to meet our timelines. The staff and management are easy to work with and listen attentively to ensure the project gets the best results.

Bruce St. John

Director Pacific HemFir Program

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